How does it work?

How to host a fundraiser

Your organization will select a date, mealtime and location for their fundraiser (Monday-Wednesday). We will create a master flyer for you to distribute.

You will be provided with 100 flyers free of charge and an electronic file version of the artwork which can be used for uploading to your organizations website, facebook page or any other way you choose.  It is the responsibility of the organization to publicize your event ahead of time by e-mailing or personally handing out the flyers to your friends, family and supporters. On the day of the event during the specified time, date and location, guests will need to present their flyer to their server, who in turn will attach a copy of their guest check to the slip. At the end of the evening 15% of your groups total sales generated in the restaurant (pre-tax, excluding gratuity) will be tallied up by the manager on duty and a check will be sent to your organization. Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your check in the mail. The more people that participate, the more they order, the more money your organization earns.



A person of legal age (18 years and older), must fill out the fundraiser event application for your organization. This individual will be held personally responsible for coordinating the fundraiser. Applications are availabe in the restaurant or you can call any of our locations to request that an application be mailed or faxed to you. Once you have been approved, the individual listed on the application can pickup the printed flyers at our corporate office. At this time, a completed W9 for the individual or organization will need to be provided in order to ensure a check can be issued.



This offer is only for non-profit organizations. Proof of your non-profit status is required for tax purposes.


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